AND Share the Delight

August 7th, 2016

The sky had just opened and unleashed a powerful storm that swept people off a crowded beach. The rain and lighting were powerful. AND shortly thereafter the skies cleared. A wedding party appeared on the open beach to take pictures.

The men were dressed in military dress uniforms, the women in black gowns. The bride and groom were beaming. The photographers placed the party in different arrangements, as the pictures were staged for perfect shots against the ocean and sky. AND then she took off.

A little girl, presumably a flower girl, broke away from the wedding party to run after a seagull on the beach. Dressed in white ballet shoes, and an off-white dress of many layers that blew in the wind, she looked like a swan. Filled with pure delight that was absolutely contagious, she followed the seagull until it took flight.

Not missing a beat, she then ran straight into the water. And then some members of the wedding party saw her and attempted to catch her. Suffice it to say that it took two women grasping this child by the wrist to pull her back.

Her sheer joy running after the seagull was infectious. I don’t even remember what I had been doing previously. I only know that I stopped to watch the entire scene, laughing out loud at her persistence and delight. The adults were preoccupied with their pictures.

At the same time another expression of joy was frolicking on the beach, oblivious to her formal dress, connecting only with the seagull and the open beach. That child, for me, mirrored the invitation open to each of us every day. And that is to find our joy amidst whatever else is going on AND share the delight.

Not long after the wedding party left the beach, a majestic double rainbow opened through the clouds and filled the skies. Even more delight. Let’s remember to keep it going and share the beautiful moments in our world today.

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