AND Let Children Be the Reminder of What Matters

August 14th, 2016

Every summer, the surf creates streams and pools of water that linger on the sand, after the tide has gone back out. These streams and pools show up in different places and are big enough and deep enough to entertain many small children. At any hour, you can walk by and watch little ones splashing away with great glee.

These children usually have nothing in their hands. On occasion, they are pulled on small boogey boards by older children or adults. Usually, they just splash and play in the water themselves. What stands out for me is the huge contrast between the adults who haul chairs, rafts, tents, and all manner of paraphernalia onto and off of the beach each day and these children who appear to need nothing beyond the beach itself, in order to laugh, play, and experience great delight.

We accumulate a great deal of stuff in a lifetime, often aware of the impact of it on our own sense of liberation, lightness, and ease of movement. Children move freely, chasing gulls, as they cross their path, or plopping down in whatever puddle or pool they find.

We, however, carry our stuff, just in case we need something. I wonder what would happen if we paused to watch the delight of these children, who carry nothing and freely pursue whatever suits them in the moment…precisely because they are not weighed down by carrying things around.

Bare feet, a puddle or pool, some warm sand, and a warm day are enough for a wonderful time at the beach. Children teach us this. I wonder what else we are carrying around that stops us from just enjoying the simple…and important…moments in life?

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