AND We Are Still Part of a Larger Picture

July 3rd, 2016

With July 4 approaching on the heels of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, I find myself looking at both independence from a larger governing unit and interdependence with other entities. In the quest to grow into our own potential, we learn to stand independent of our families and society in our own values and beliefs. At the same time, we remain connected to the broader family unit, workplace, town, city, country, and world in which we live.

The desire for freedom to become all we can be often breeds a kind of courage that propels us to stand in the face of persecution for those beliefs and values we hold dear, to be misunderstood or worse for taking a stand against conventional wisdom. We are greater together than individually AND the way we choose to be with each other can take many forms and still be productive.

There is no need for one way to be right and the other wrong. The interconnectedness that we all share means that learning to find a way to foster each other’s dreams and aspirations in ways that preserve our ability to coexist peaceably and civilly is essential.

A world of entitlement expects to be given what it needs to stand on its own, without ever earning what it claims to need. Nothing is free. Every healthy relationship is a combination of give and take. A world of responsibility or accountability means that we hold ourselves accountable for not only the decisions we make, but also the knowledge we need to obtain to make the best choice for whatever goals we seek through our stance for independence. AND then own our choices within the broader context, helping others to have access to different ways of achieving their goals, as well.

Any relationship takes work, give and take, sacrifice and celebration. As we consider our own independence from a mother country in this country of states united under shared governance, may we also consider the many benefits of unity and shared resources, and the work it takes to preserve that unity.

May the Fourth be with you!

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