AND Thank You Moms Everywhere

May 8th, 2016

It’s that time of year again to pause and reflect on the gifts of those in our lives who have served as mom. Whether biological, adopted, or serving in a role that nurtures our growth and development, the women who guide our journeys and remind us to be the best we can be often work tirelessly and without recognition.

Any act of love, whether to bear a child, adopt a child, or give up a child because one is unable to raise that child, is an act of generosity, often selflessly given. Any child nurtured by loving guidance benefits. Whether mother, teacher, relative, godmother, mentor, coach, or other guiding light, the women behind these roles share their wisdom and kindness with each next generation of children, and younger adults. What a gift!

In an unconscious world bent on ambition and, often these days, fame and recognition, it is easy to confuse the identity and gifts of those who perform roles of mother with the women who choose to serve in these roles. So often we don’t know who the person is behind the role. Our relationships become so dependent on feeling safe with the familiar that we often limit ourselves, and those guiding and nurturing us, to our expectations of what the good mother should be and do.

A gift we can all give back is to really see the person behind the role, and really appreciate the love and caring behind the advice, direction, and wisdom she offers. So often the women who choose to also be moms, feel torn between their roles and expectations they have of themselves about how much is enough. Perhaps, now is a good time to turn the compassion inward as well as outward to celebrate who you are and all you give, and to know that that is enough.

I give thanks every day for all my mom gave me and though she is not here to hug, I tell her anyway. AND to my godmother who has been a generous and guiding light my entire life, thank you. AND to all who serve as moms—thank you, too. We celebrate who you are and all you do.

Happy Mother’s Day

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