AND Recognize the Wise Teachers

May 15th, 2016

Recently, I spent a week with wise teachers. A group of women, individually successful in their careers, came from different places and cultures around the world to learn together. What I loved was watching the gifts of each one emerge at precisely the time those insights and questions were exactly what someone else in the group needed to hear.

As each stretched into her own questions and dreams, she offered points of insight that might be thought of as vulnerabilities, if she were trying to get others to see her in a controlled way. Instead, the value for discovering more about how to live the life of their dreams overcame the performance identity so often rewarded in our celebrity-centric world and shared insights, that might have been called vulnerabilities in another context, became precious gifts for others.

Wisdom touches the heart. You know it when it opens your heart, and feels both freeing and true. This group tapped into individual and collective wisdom, as they deeply listened to each other. They were willing to learn how to see themselves, question old truths, and name fears they had previously been less willing to share in a group.

AND as each shared more about her dreams, the others become more invested in helping her to become the best version of who she is here to be. That willingness to openly embrace, sometimes gracefully, sometimes awkwardly, a new awareness is a gift we not only give ourselves, but also give to others with whom we share our journey.

There are many wise teachers who walk this planet. If we will see beyond role expectations to the lessons, insights, and questions these people ask, we can find whatever guidance we need to live our dreams. We only need to open our eyes and hearts to recognize their wisdom, in whatever form it comes and from whatever source is serving as teacher at the time.

I, for one, am most grateful for the wisdom and generosity of so many wise teachers.

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