AND Make Some Beautiful Noise

May 1st, 2016

I had planned to write a blog about the unhealthy political environment invading our workplaces and national news. AND then I took a walk past the marsh to mail some letters…yes, something many of my readers would find foreign!

The sun shone bright. Winds were calm. The slight chill in the air was very comfortable for a walk. The gorgeous music of the songbirds along the path filled the air. I stopped to see whether I could determine which bird was providing the particularly beautiful song at each point on my walk.

A tiny bird overhead, probably part of the finch family, sang merrily on a telephone wire. I love that such a sweet and powerful melody came from one tiny bird that chose to sing. On my way back, I didn’t recognize the song of another bird. When I finally located the bird in a tree, I was awed by its magnificent red color. It was too far away to determine what kind of bird it was.

I paused my walk, even though I had been walking briskly to make it on time for another appointment. The bird and its song were just too gorgeous to miss. As I stood there to get a better view, the bird stopped singing. When I started walking, the bird shifted its position to have me in full view and resumed singing.

I stopped again and so did the bird. The dance between us was a riot. Then the bird flew to a higher and more obscure branch and I continued on my way. AND it continued to sing. I realized then that there were two points of comparison between the songbirds’ singing and our political climate that stand out for me.

Much like the political noise, I found myself wondering what it was that the birds were really talking about in their song. AND unlike the political noise, the song from the birds was beautiful and uplifting.

AND I began to think that maybe it’s time for each of us to make some positive noise to lift our spirits and those of the people we encounter each day.

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