AND Commence With the New

May 22nd, 2016

In this season of graduation and commencement ceremonies, we celebrate both completions and new beginnings. Though used synonymously, the terms focus differently on either the ending of something or the new beginning, both sides of the same coin.

So often in our lives we become accustomed to what is familiar. Even when a chapter in our lives is clearly complete, many of us try to hold on to what has become familiar. After we complete one grade of learning, we are promoted to the next, graduate to the new learnings and teachings of the new grade. Yet, some of us when faced with the new and unfamiliar, use our energy to resist the flow of life and run back to the familiar classroom and familiar teacher, if only metaphorically.

Promotions in the workplace work the same way. We move from the familiar into the new, graduating from one level of performance at which we were perceived to be successful to another that requires new skills. Again, some resist learning the new and risking being perceived as less than successful when learning a new way and continue to do the old work, rather than rising to the level of the new. Instead of stretching into the new, commencing a new way, we run back or otherwise hold onto what we know.

Graduation means moving on from the familiar. Commencement means beginning something new, something unfamiliar. AND we only grow and live into our potential when we give ourselves permission to move from the familiar and tested, to welcome the new and untested.

Spring is a season of new beginnings. All sorts of opportunity awaits, if we allow ourselves to start anew, with fresh eyes, open to new adventure. What will it take to give yourself permission to let go of what is complete, celebrate its completion, AND commence with the new?

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