AND Defy Conventional Logic

April 17th, 2016

As I was walking past the marsh the other day, a beautiful blue heron flew in front of me. The huge wingspan and graceful flight put a smile on my face. Native American lore suggests that this amazing bird is a reminder about not getting stuck in conventional logic.

The blue heron has long spindly legs like an ostrich or dodo bird. Its wingspan can be many feet wide. It doesn’t look as if it is designed for flight, and neither the ostrich nor dodo bird was. AND yet the blue heron flies…and beautifully so.

In the pace of hectic lives, schedules, and multiple demands for our attention, we can quickly dismiss dreams as impossible because logically we don’t see how they could become real. Many people settle for less than fulfilling relationships, whether personal or professional, or less than fulfilling work because they tell themselves that what they want is not rational or logically possible.

Creativity and dreams are worthy of nurturance, if we are to be the best we can be in life and really live into our potential. Sometimes we allow conventional rules about who gets to have what in our society, or how much we can achieve, or how happy we can reasonably expect to be to override our truth. Inside, we want more, and denying that truth contributes to states of unhappiness, unfulfilling lives, and general dis-ease in our lives.

So the next time you connect with a deeply help dream or wish, or a situation that needs a creative breakthrough, imagine the blue heron. AND follow the dream without following conventional logic. AND then enjoy what happens.

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