AND Look Around

April 24th, 2016

Have you ever stopped to just notice your surroundings? How do you feel in the place you call home? Work?

I stopped to look at my home a number of years ago and noticed that in more than half of the rooms in the house I had a desk. Clearly my relationship with work was out of balance! Today I still have my favorite writing desk, separate from my office and plenty of space for artwork somewhere else, and I never use that writing desk for work. It holds a story and carries a beauty that makes me smile.

When I really live into the space in each room of my house, I notice the colors and textures. I notice the space and how I feel in each room. All of these features nurture and nourish my soul. What I see out of the window is magnificent and the environment in which I live feels like a sanctuary that envelopes me.

And yet, I know that others might find the artwork on the walls to be too much (my Mom always did). I look at each piece often, appreciating the colors, craft, and feel of each piece. They fill me with a deep connection to beauty and the talents of others who choose to express beauty. And as much as I love all the work on the walls and feel no sense of clutter or crowding, I experience things out of place, stacked on countertops or other surfaces differently. What clutters one’s perception of space may actually nurture another person.

The important point here is to ask yourself whether you are stopping to notice and appreciate the environments in which you spend your valuable life. Do they nurture and nourish your spirit? If not, what changes can you make that fill you up?

Wherever you find yourself, work or play, pause for a moment sometime this week and notice what you appreciate about your surroundings and whether they nurture the best in you. It can be quite fun.

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