AND Become New Again

April 3rd, 2016

It’s that time of year again when new birth shows up after the barren winter. The trees blossom with new leaves, brighter than the mature greens they will become. Despite the pollen that makes us sneeze, we bathe ourselves in the smells and colors that are spring, as we smile more and feel more alive in their beauty.

I love that my favorite little red songbirds have returned, although not with their regularity yet, as winter is still exerting its force to hold on, even as spring begins to take hold.

In a time of re-birth, re-growth, and re-turns, we are re-minded of the importance of pausing to ask ourselves where we want to grow. What do we want to devote our emotional energy, thinking, and hearts to, as the season of growth is upon us?

Is it healthier eating or outdoor exercise? New projects and plans that have been dormant, yet held in our hearts until we were ready? Is it more kindness turned both inward and extended to others?

Linguistically, I am struck with all the “re” words that apply to spring. Re can mean again. It can also mean about. In our world filled with uncertainty and fear, what will our lives and focus of attention be about?

How can each of us be more aware of where we wish to play and what impact we want to have in terms of birth, growth, turns, and mind? In this season, we are re-minded to think again about the cyclical nature of life and how what appears new is also seasoned. We just happen to pay attention at different points in our life.

What can the beauty of a season that is all about new growth cause us to really invest in our own growth, even as we support the ways that others choose to grow. Imagine the beauty created when we choose to be in full bloom, rather than hanging on to what belongs to a past season.

Happy Spring!

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