AND Make the Space

February 28th, 2016

Have you ever stepped back to notice how you structure your days and whether those structures work for you? As I contemplate what I might like to do this morning, I am aware that I will need to make space this morning to write this blog, if it is to go up, as promised, tomorrow morning. The structure of a promise to write a weekly blog drives me to look for space in my life to make it happen.

I know that having a requirement, albeit self-imposed, of posting at the same time every week actually supports my writing. I know myself well enough that I can be delighted with virtually anything on my desk or elsewhere in the house to avoid writing. The same wonderful distractions magically appear whenever I think about making the space in my day to exercise.

Making the space for what I intuitively know will serve the best in me has short and long term implications for my health and ability to serve in ways that matter to me. While I might like to stay in bed longer, I also know that making that space to brew and enjoy a cup of tea each morning is something that begins my day well.

The clarity of what our hearts desire and the willingness to prioritize the space in our daily routines can serve as an antidote to a world of shoulds that live in our minds. With clarity about what feeds and nourishes the best in who we can be, each of us is invited to make the space in our lives for what will serve that highest self. And for women, the tendency to live into some unconscious or learned definition of who we should be looms large.

The shoulds often represent someone else’s dream of who we are meant to be. The willingness to make space in our lives for exactly what we choose to invest our energy in reminds us that we have no excuses for our choices. We create our own happiness. We are accountable for the lives we lead. We don’t choose how life unfolds. We do choose how we respond. And if we know that we respond best when we create space in our days to get perspective, be quiet, breathe, or otherwise reflect, then it is up to us to prioritize making that space.

And that means being willing to disappoint others who would like us to do something else with our time and energy. There is another voice that wants attention. It is the inner voice. Listen carefully. Determine what truly supports being the person you want to be, feeling the way you want to feel, and investing your precious gifts in ways that feel true to you. AND make the space to honor that wisdom. Being the best of who we are and standing in that light is the highest gift of service we can bring.

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