AND Invest Your Precious Light Wisely

February 21st, 2016

As I look out the window, a dark cloud looms overhead, even as the sun rises and shines over the water below the cloud. And even though it is winter, a little bird pauses on one of the posts of the deck. A lot is going on in this picture. I can only really appreciate it because I am still.

The roar of high tide crowds out most other sound, just as the advancing clouds increasingly diminish the bright light of the sun. Amidst all this action, I find that if I pause to be quiet and observe all that is happening, there is a calm that descends on me.

Clouds come and go in the sky, just as darkness appears and dissipates in our lives. And just at the sun is always present, even if it is blocked by some passing storm, disturbance, or darkness, there is a light in each of us ready to shine.

By watching and staying attuned to the light, we can keep a healthy detachment from the storms. That detachment allows us to remember how we want to invest our energy. Some people follow every movement of darkness, consciously or unconsciously fueling the fires of anger and dissent, losing sight of the light temporarily hidden and making it harder to find compassion, civility, and patience when the clouds linger.

Some things we can help change. Other things will change on their own. Are we detached enough to observe which is which? In a storm, do you love the drama of crashing with each wave and being tossed like a rowboat in the turbulent waves? Or do you choose to ground in your own light, standing at the water’s edge like a lighthouse planted on solid ground and beaming its light to help others, allowing the waves to crash around you will until the storm passes and the sea is calm again?

There is a lot going on in our world today. Where we focus our energy matters. We either fan the flames of fear, anger, and negativity or focus on how we want to show up and which relationships, actions, and values we want to help enhance by lending our light to them. Some will focus on destroying what does not work. Others will devote their energy to creating new ways that serve and patiently wait until the old ways die a quiet death under the momentum of the new way.

How do you choose to invest your light?

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