AND Enjoy Fully

February 14th, 2016

I find snow in New England to be gorgeous. Whether shoveling outside during the day or evening or driving on roads lined with rows of pine trees whose branches are laden with mounds of snow, I am in awe of this white gift from the sky. The sun glistens through the branches and makes everything feel like a winter wonderland. AND wonder is a beautiful thing!

During a recent blizzard, I watched as someone jogged along the beach. The television blared its warnings to stay inside and avoid the snow. This jogger clearly did not listen. Some might say that such activities are dangerous, or even careless.

As near as I can tell, listening carefully to public safety warnings posted through any of a number of media outlets provides one a sense of potential risks. AND as long as no public servants’ lives are put at risk by choosing to follow your heart, you give yourself the opportunity to overcome fears and experience wonder.

When you carefully consider the context and then follow your heart’s longing, I believe you recalibrate risk. Risk is not derived from a fear of what might happen. Instead, it is calculated in terms of the cost of not living your joys, pushing your limits, and following your heart in the context of posted and known safety implications.

While there are many warnings in life about what to do and what not to do, living our lives from the heart and enjoying what life brings, means tempering the warnings against the wisdom of your heart. Choose what you choose consciously and wisely. Know the risks of choosing or not choosing to go after what you love. AND if you decide to go after something you love, enjoy the experience fully.

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