AND Decide Again

February 7th, 2016

Recently my business partner and I were notified that someone had hacked into our website and installed malware. What is it that causes people to spend their precious gifts trying to destroy the creations of others? If they are so good at trying to break into others’ web sites, why wouldn’t they use that talent to create something great of their own?

I am sure there are many theories about why such behavior persists and what types of personalities and social circumstances support such destructive choices. AND focusing on those theories is not where I choose to invest my energy. It happened. Address it. Move on.

So, after focusing on how the perpetrators got in, we learned that they came in through the Comments Section of this blog. Knowing this information allowed us to reevaluate our intentions with regard to providing space for comments.

The opportunity to step back and reevaluate structures that exist in our lives and why they were put in place initially allows for new decisions. In our case, we could either invest in new products that preserve the ability of readers to make comments or delete the option altogether.

Any time we face resistance to a way of doing things, we have the opportunity to step back and reevaluate both what we intended by putting the structure in place initially and how we were going about trying to achieve our intended goals. If we don’t stop to ask ourselves these two questions, we preserve patterns and ways of doing things that have long since stopped serving us just because they have become habit, or comfortably familiar. AND we fail to calculate the cost of continuing them.

In the simple example of this blog, we needed to address first what we hoped to accomplish by having a Comments Section. After that, the choice is clear, since an option for continuing in a different way exists.

The real danger in any of our lives is that we continue to push against forces with our talents, time, and other resources without looking squarely at what we want back for our investment. In this case, while I am grateful to those of you over the years who have offered thoughts, gratitude, and insights, there are other more rewarding forms of engagement and connection than preserving this particular avenue.

If there is something you want me to know, you know how to find me. If there is an idea that you want others to know, please share it with them. Most importantly, please know that I appreciate your reading these entries and the thoughts that you have shared AND it is time to decide again how to continue the connection. I look forward to continuing the dialogue in other ways. Thanks for your understanding.

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