AND Start Again

January 3rd, 2016

Our human desire to mark things as complete certainly figures into our New Year’s celebrations. We create a space to mark a discrete ending to a time period that allows us to act as though we are filing loose papers that have been sitting on the desk, mark them as finished, and clean the desktop (or whatever) so we can start anew.

I find that naming a year and using that frame of reference to review life tends to lead to a good year v. difficult year perspective. Our ability to give ourselves permission to start anew, to get a redo is eased somewhat by the formal noting of time past. If we are not careful, we make our intentions for the future more from reactions to the past than from deep yearnings of the heart.  AND while our incomplete recollections of what has passed can provide insights and effective mirrors, reactions only reinforce past patterns.

As helpful as the year-marking is, we are still only one day newer, one moment newer, than we were before ringing in the New Year. AND if we can remember this, we can also shorten our reference to what is past. Instead of focusing on a year, perhaps we can shorten our focus of what has passed from a year to a day, and then perhaps to an hour, and eventually to a moment.

When we begin to see each moment as one to be lived fully, then we more easily let go of what has already happened. Forgiveness of self and others can more easily go with what is past, as we choose who we will be and how we will invest our precious energy in this moment and each moment to come.

I wonder what it will take for each of us to choose to bring our light to each moment and know that doing so it the highest level of service and gift we can bring to this world. Perhaps this New Year will be the awakening for some of us to choose to give ourselves and others permission to start anew…in each present moment. Now that’s a choice that could truly change the world. AND it is accessible to all who would choose to start anew from the wisdom of our heart.

One Response to “AND Start Again”

  1. Adriana caliri says:

    Happy new year to you dear Lynn and Lou Ann.

    Thanks for shining your light and inspire people around you to do the same.
    You are making a better world.


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