AND Invest Wisely

January 10th, 2016

With each new day, I find myself shifting between content and context, as I consider where to invest my energy—emotional, mental, and physical. How much healthier might our lives be, if we were to consider every piece of news carried by social media, social situations, and more traditional media as context, rather than getting hooked by the content of what is presented? We could choose to consciously label whatever we confront or encounter as nothing more than an invitation to invest our precious attention, instead of immediately investing our focus in whatever the invitation is about (content).

How much more calm and joyful might we be, when we stop merely giving away our attention to anything that enters our mind, line of sight, or awareness? Instead of investing in everything that piques our initial interest as content to be addressed, considered, reacted to, or worthy of investing our hearts and minds, we would pause and consciously choose whether this invitation to engage is where we want to focus.

We have become a highly distractible and distracted society, following the clever hooks of advertisers, media, and emotional manipulators in social, personal, and professional power positions. It is time for each of us to remember that we are all CEO’s, Chief Energy Officers. We are accountable for managing our own precious life force. What are you getting back in life for the ways you are investing your energy, insights, and gifts?

Instead of unconsciously reacting or responding to whatever happens, perhaps we could make 2016 the year we take control of our own energy. Perhaps we could greet whatever happens as only an invitation to invest our energy. AND perhaps in doing so, we will choose to only invest in those ideas, people, conversations, and situations that inspire or align with who we want to be and where we want to invest ourselves. AND we will only invest in ways that bring the best of who we are to the table. AND if those conditions are not met, we decline the invitation to invest AND invest in our state of joy and health instead.

How much happier we might be if we would be if we consciously invest our energy in our passions instead of our distractions?

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