AND Here Is to the Happy Camper

January 31st, 2016

My father loves life. He loves his family and friends. He remains curious about things around him. He’s rarely at home, running here and there for friends, out to eat with more friends, and myriad other activities.

My father understands something about nurturing and nurturance. He cares for and cares about those he loves. He won’t shake hands with women, instead informing them that he only hugs women. AND believe me they stand in line at church to share a hug. He nurtures loving relationships and expects little or nothing in return, often surprised when people are kind to him.

AND he loves to eat. He helps cook the spaghetti for Italian night, joins friends for German and French night, and only goes on the bus to the casino to partake of the mussels served at lunch. No gambling for him…he knows a sure thing and that’s the nourishment of a great meal. Nurturance from his garden, from the birds outside his window, from food, and from all things shared, fills my Dad with life. This well-nourished man greets each new day with a smile and can be heard perpetually humming, no matter what he is doing.

There is much to learn from a man who lives for love. Life is lived in the moment. No matter what life has dealt him, and it has not always been easy, he looks for the blessing and declares himself a happy camper. He is a joy to be around and a blessing to have around.

So, to the newly minted eight-nine year old happy camper, here’s to a year of wonderful experiences, shared moments, and all that makes you happiest.

AND to you, dear reader, and those you love, may your life be touched by at least one happy camper. It’s enough to remind us all that happiness is a choice. AND because one makes the choice to be happy, all who are touched by him or her are reminded that the same choice is open to all who choose to be happy campers, too.

Thanks, Dad.

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