AND Welcome the New Year with an Open Heart

December 27th, 2015

As I write the last entry of 2015, I am reflecting on what it means to welcome whatever appears in the New Year, AND what it means to let go of what 2015 brought to our lives and world. Consciously choosing to let go is a part of creating space for what presents itself next in our lives.

It is so much easier to let go when there are things we wish would disappear, or had never appeared at all. We live in challenging times for peace to take root in our lives. Our media bombard us with all manner of violence and unkindness in our world. Yet, a closer look at goings on in our lives and neighborhoods simultaneously reveals a more complex picture that includes people helping others and sharing their gifts to make a difference.

By letting go of our attachment to how we want life to unfold, we create the space in our hearts and lives to truly listen beyond the noise and unfolding dramas in our individual lives, or the world at large, in order to hear the needs and opportunities underlying the noise. What we may hear can open our hearts to welcome the opportunities to bring our light and gifts to create more peace, more light, and more kindness in our world.

The invitation to lead our own lives, and stop following the storylines created by others, looms stronger, brighter, and more hopeful, when we let go of trying to control what happens in life and instead, consciously choose how to respond.

When our hearts are not crowded with expectations and requirements, we are in the position to truly marvel at miracles that occur every day. We are in a position to know where we truly want to invest our emotional, mental, and physical energies to bring our light and gifts to a world in need. AND our hearts are open to both touch the lives of others and be touched by their kindness, light, and gifts, as well.

As we turn the corner to the dawn of a new day and a new year, may we welcome the opportunities to be our best selves with open hearts. AND may each open heart light the way for even more openness and welcoming hearts to do the same.

Happy New Year. AND thank you to those who have so generously touched my life in the past year.

One Response to “AND Welcome the New Year with an Open Heart”

  1. Carolyn says:

    What a fantastic invitation for the new year! And thanks Lou Ann for all the ways you have blessed my life.

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