AND Presence Presents Presents

December 6th, 2015

I was listening to the sound of the word presence the other day. The homonym of presence is presents. AND I couldn’t help smiling at the connection between the two. The title for today’s entry that came to me was AND Presence Presents Presents. Again a smile.

I thought of a colleague I worked with decades ago who would have simply told me that this title was too cute by half. Again, a smile.

In this season of celebration and gift giving, we will either focus on abundance or scarcity. If we choose scarcity, we will focus our attention on all that we can’t seem to get done, gifts that didn’t happen as we expected, and people whom we deem as having nothing to give.

If we choose abundance, we come to see that there is plenty of whatever we truly need in this world, if we are not tied to exactly how that looks. If we hold no expectations, we may learn to see that cultures with very little materially are often the first to welcome us into their homes, or share what little food or clothing they have with strangers.

A gift that serves everyone in any context in this world is the gift of presence. If we will choose to give our full attention to others, one at a time, we will get to experience the power that our presence presents to them, as well as to us.

I wonder, this holiday season, how many of us will be present to perceive the presents offered by a beautiful sunrise or sunset, cloud formation, tree, bird, snowflake, shared smile, or act of holding a door for another whose hands are full. Our presence may be the most precious gift we could give. The question is whether we are willing to both give and receive such a present.

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