AND Gift Consciously

December 13th, 2015

In this season of celebration and the exchange of gifts, I find myself reflecting on the gifts of both giving and receiving. Both have the potential to make the heart sing. Yet, I wonder sometimes if we truly recognize the gift being given.

Sometimes the gift is that we, as the receiver, recognize the offer, the kindness, and generosity of the giver. It not about whether we accept or receive what the giver offers. Conscious receiving is about recognizing how much is enough, what truly matters to both the receiver and giver, and how we wish to respond. AND the willingness to decline one apparent gift, while celebrating the giver and her or his generosity can be more meaningful than unconsciously giving the giver the impression that more such gifts are expected or valued when they are not.

Likewise, the unconscious giving done by many as an act of obligation can hide what the giver truly needs or wants. The deep desire to make a difference in another’s life, to help, to share a joy, moment or creation, may be buried in a fear about whether the gift is good enough. As a result, the one who gives keeps giving until there is nothing left to give.

Our ability to give with no strings attached is at the root of conscious giving. To give with no regard for how another uses the gift is the measure of whether this is the gift you want to give and whether this is the person or cause to which you want entrust your gift. Likewise, the willingness to both recognize the gift and receive it graciously can be a more powerful gift that expecting or requiring anything in particular from another person.

To be conscious givers and conscious receivers is to show up in life with an inherent appreciation for what is. To be free of expectations about how another should respond or how we should feel is essential for actually knowing how we choose to feel, what we choose to bring to the situation, and what light or kindness we choose to find in ourselves and the offers of others.

This is a season of beautiful gifts. AND we can be among those gifts, spreading light instead of expectations, appreciation instead of judgment, and clarity or courage to be who we are instead of following who we believe others want us to be. If we will bring the best of ourselves to every relationship, conversation, and moment, we will be present to both receive life’s gifts and give the best of us. AND that is enough.

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