AND Find the Peace in Stillness

December 20th, 2015

As sounds of celebration, laughter, hustle and bustle fill the air this holiday season, I find immense peace in moments of stillness and quiet. The other night, with no television or other media to distract my senses, I watched the candles in the window cast light in the stillness of an otherwise dark night. The Christmas tree, small and unassuming, decorated with ornaments, each with its own unique story and personal meaning, lit up the first floor of my home.

AND I was drawn to how, in the presence of darkness and stillness, small lights create a very calming glow. The quiet was not shattered by loud sounds, movement, or neon lights. Rather, the simple essence became more prominent when the small, humble gesture of one light or a small tree was not crowded out by other sensory distractions.

Christmas Carols with titles such as Silent Night and O Holy Night, as well as chorus lines such as peace on earth, good will to (men)/all are all reminders of the power and value of stillness and peace in our lives. When each of us takes even one quiet moment to tap into beauty and peace, we are then able to stand as individual candles in a sometimes-dark world. In the presence of inner peace, we can serve as gentle and powerful lights that point the way to a world of peace and good will…just by being that peace ourselves.

Perhaps the words of our music, the quiet moments of personal stillness, the gentle snow that silently falls and covers the earth with a blanket of white, could remind each of us to be still. AND in that stillness, we may realize that beauty, joy, and peace are accessible to every one of us who pauses to recognize each little miracle and gift in our world, appreciate them as such, and ask nothing in return.

We will need to be still and quiet. Only then will we create the space to experience beauty and peace.

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, may you find the peace and joy that lights up your heart. AND may you bring that light to all whose paths you cross.

Merry Christmas

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