AND Live in Full Color

October 18th, 2015

The leaves at this time of year in parts of this country are just gorgeous. Magnificent hues of bold colors appear. Each tree individually steps into its own color—shades of gold, orange, green, and red. AND each tree stands tall in the light, boldly expressing its beautiful new color, individually beautiful and taking its place in a landscape of trees that are collectively spectacular.

This wonderful display brings buses of tourists along the roads to do some “leaf-peeping”. The show nature puts on gets the attention of busy people who fill up by simply being in the presence of such bold color and natural beauty.

What if nature is offering an invitation and illustration of what is possible for us individually and our world at large? What would be possible if we individually chose to stand tall in the light, expressing boldly the gifts we uniquely bring? The highest and fullest expression of our light, not tempered by our fears about how others might respond, might create the venue for others to find the courage to bring their greatest light and express the unique gifts they hold inside, as well.

In a world where we sometimes learn too well how to blend into the background, what is possible if we are not afraid to offer our own beautiful gifts, as the trees do, with no expectation of or attachment to how others respond? If we will choose to live in full color and appreciate the gift of others who do the same, our world just might shift to a vibrancy that is irresistible.

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