AND Pause to Receive the Treat

October 25th, 2015

In this week of trickery and treats, otherwise known as Halloween, I am thinking about gifts and how we receive them. With the right mindset, either tricks or treats can be fun. Without that mindset, we often miss the treat because we were expecting it to show up in a particular way.

While walking past a beautiful marsh, I was noticing the colors of the trees. The most vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows were on display for all to see. Those past prime were shedding their color, while others stepped into focus just beginning to show their full color.

I was surprised on my walk not to see any wildlife, as any number of bird species can be seen in different seasons in the marsh area. As I looked more carefully, a beautiful great blue heron stood within thirty feet of where I stood. Seeming to sense my movement, the heron moved very gingerly and slowly. I stopped to watch.

As I stopped, I saw a crane in the distance, partially hidden in the grasses. Two treats! I had been tricked by the apparent stillness of the marsh into thinking that no wildfowl were there. Yet, when I looked more closely and paused to fully receive the gift, I was thrilled by what appeared.

A little farther on my walk, a frail looking woman emerged from between two properties. Older and with a faint voice she began to speak. I stopped to listen more closely. She complimented me on a color I was wearing. Again, a simple and wonderful treat awaited me, if only I was willing to change my pace and pause to receive the gift.

Farther on down the road, a man sat in his truck. As I passed the open window and looked in, his head was turned away from me. I thought perhaps he was busy and had not seen me. I did not speak. He did. With a simple greeting, he acknowledged my presence. Again, a treat.

So many gifts await us in life, if we will only pause our level of activity, both mental and physical, to receive the treats.

May you receive many treats, not only on Halloween, but also throughout your days.

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