AND Be Joyful

October 11th, 2015

I was talking with my Dad the other night. It was close to nine o’clock in the evening and he was cutting vegetables and getting them ready to have at future meals. His description of his day in the garden, helping friends, and running errands was sprinkled with comments of appreciation for how his yard looks, as the changes autumn brings announce themselves.

I was struck by the combination of simple pleasures and joy that shape how he lives every day. This is a man who lives simply. No need for gadgets, technology (he still can’t figure out what all those buttons in his car do), or luxury items. His is a world of time spent with friends, the joys of helping others, making and eating meals, and whatever arrives in his life at any particular time.

Living in the present with gratitude for life itself provides a frame within which whatever comes is simply what comes. No expectations. No resistance. Just a curiosity and gratitude for what shows up. Not unlike the sand on the shore that lies in wait for whatever treasures the tide washes up, a life lived in the present with joy for being alive makes gratitude natural.

My Dad defines any day that begins with his feel hitting the floor and his head going up as a good day. Time shared with friends, family, and neighbors on top of that are special gifts. Joy is not a condition that depends on what circumstances present themselves. It is an internal state that is a personal choice. AND choosing to greet what comes with joy and gratitude is a world open to all who chose it. How different our worlds would be if more of us would choose to be joyful.

One Response to “AND Be Joyful”

  1. Carol Hurley says:

    Lou, absolutely beautiful! Eddie and I were so touched by your words….my “favorite” brother is such a blessing to us all….how we all love him….
    Love you,
    Carol & Eddie

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