AND Ebb and Flow

September 20th, 2015

I love the end of the summer, probably because I love the fall and cooler months. I love to watch the crowds disappear and natural sounds and sights of the beach reemerge, unobstructed by crowds and noise. There is something about the transition of seasons that feels creative and instructive, pure and unadorned.

Nature’s pace of season seems to ebb and flow. As the new begins to announce itself, the old alternates from giving way and holding on tighter…pretty much the way we humans deal with change.

As I walked the beach this morning, the sun was warm, beating down on everything below, and feeling as if a summer day were in store. At the same time, an undercurrent of cooler air swirled around my feet and kept the sand much cooler than summer temperatures would normally have allowed.

As summer continues and appears to be holding sway, the unmistakable signs of a new season carve out a space and announce what is to come. With no resistance to whatever presents itself, nature ebbs and flows between the old and new until the new is firmly in place.

What a wonderful gift nature is to all of us. If we will stop to recognize that no amount of resistance stops nature’s flow, we might learn to reevaluate resistance in our own lives. How can we ebb and flow between the familiar and new? How can we welcome what is beginning to appear without trying to block it out and use our precious energy to hold on to what is familiar?

Nature truly teaches us something of the meaning of both/and, ebb and flow. As something disappears, something new appears in time. And both will do so, at their own pace. If we learn to operate at the pace of nature, instead of trying to control and manage things that don’t need either, we will free ourselves to welcome the gifts headed our way and celebrate those that are leaving.

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