AND Be Grateful For Labor

September 6th, 2015

I was recently outside doing some manual labor. Pleasantly surprised by the offer of a passerby to help me, I stopped to recognize the gift of work and the gift of sharing it. The man who helped me stayed and did the heaviest work and wouldn’t even accept a cup of coffee as thanks.

The gift of doing work and seeing the results of our labor is a gift we sometimes underestimate. A sense of purpose and accomplishment can come from working intensely towards a particular goal. Receiving unsolicited aid only magnifies the meaning some work can bring.

As we celebrate Labor Day this week, perhaps it would be a good time to recognize how important it is to be able to do work to feel accomplished and good about ourselves. Whatever the form of the work, if it engages mind, body, and spirit, it can be invigorating and even inspiring.

Many people in our country want to work and are unable, for any of a number of reasons, to do so. As we create more opportunities for people to contribute to the world in a way that uses all of our gifts, we create more space for people to feel good about themselves and their contributions.

Whatever the form of contribution or work, whatever the gifts shared to help another in accomplishing a task, maybe this Labor Day can be both a time of gratitude for the work we have and an opportunity to both give and receive help from others in doing our work.

Happy Labor Day

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