AND Vacate the Premises

August 30th, 2015

I love the restoration of energy and freshness that come from taking a break from our usual routines. Vacation offers such a break. So does pausing during any activity to feel the temperature, notice your breath, or feel your feet on the ground. My favorite time of the year to pause for an extended period is the fall. I love the crisp night air, days warm enough to walk the beach barefoot, and dissipation of summer crowds.

There is something about the changing seasons that I just love. It’s like waiting with great anticipation for presents about to reveal themselves. AND taking vacation or a break of some kind during these times is a great reminder of the natural cycles of life, so different from the pace and routine we often impose on our lives.

The physical openness of an uncrowded beach highlights the singular shell, sounds of the ebbing and rising tides, and majesty of nature. In the same way, an uncrowded mind, emptied of its thoughts, worries, fears, and incessant talk, highlights the singular passing idea, emotion, or quietness that is possible.

To enjoy these moments of peaceful stillness requires that we vacate the premises, empty ourselves of activity and constant thinking. AND any break in routine, whether for a few minutes or several days is a great way to start. Here’s to new beginnings and precious moments that emptying out can provide!

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