AND Thank You

August 16th, 2015

Have you noticed in recent years the change in response to thank you? I especially notice that those being interviewed often respond today to thank you with another thank you. If memory serves, I remember a time not very long ago when the responses more often given were you’re welcome, my pleasure, or some variation of no problem.

These responses continue to be used today. They are not going away. What seems to changing is the addition of another response. I notice today an increased tendency of the one being thanked to respond with thank you. AND it strikes me as perhaps an acknowledgement that it takes two to make something happen.

The one who is giving the other the opportunity to be acknowledged, for example the interviewer, is also in a position to have her or his gifts, in this case giving the interviewee credibility and access to audiences, acknowledged. By responding with a second thank you, we acknowledge the privilege of helping or serving another, as well as appreciating one who appreciates what we have brought to bear in a situation.

I am taking the optimistic perspective that those who are being thanked for their insights and contributions are a bit more aware of the choice of the one thanking them to do so to have chosen them to interview, or whatever. AND by pausing to thank the one originally thanking them, the ones being acknowledged get to share the gratitude and widen the circle of inclusion to those whose choice is to celebrate and appreciate others’ gifts.

An older version, said with a smile and a wink, is some form of oh no, my dear, thank you! Whatever is going on to widen the appreciation and shared gratitude for those who stop to appreciate others’ gifts, I like it. AND I thank you for considering this perspective.

One Response to “AND Thank You”

  1. Carol Hurley says:

    LOved it response 9 out OF TEN times…..thank YOU!

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