Entry 304 AND Simply Enjoy the Summer

July 5th, 2015

The crowds arrived for the Fourth of July Celebrations. The promise of friends, family, food, and fireworks drew many to beaches, camps, and other gathering places. This holiday in the U.S. seems to open the summer vacation season for many.

In a recent conversation with a European friend, I learned of a particular difference between many European beachgoers and American ones. The Europeans arrive with their bamboo mats rolled under their arm, open them on the sand, and lie in the sun. The Americans, in contrast, look like they are moving in.

Many arrive wheeling multiple chairs, coolers, toys, beach-bags, umbrellas, sometimes tent-like structures, and blankets. What is it about our need for so much stuff? The beach presents itself in its full splendor—warm sands, shells and stones deposited in the last high tide, shore birds running along the water’s edge, and seagulls soaring above.

I wonder whether, in our desire to bring our familiar toys and comforts with us, we miss the beauty and uniqueness of the places we visit. We are so busy trying to make new places familiar that we fill them with our usual comforts and then fail to truly experience what each new place offers.

Might we learn something from our European friends this summer? Travel light. Expose yourself to the gifts and unique offerings of each new setting. AND enjoy the days of summer for their unique beauty and gifts.

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