AND Let Freedom Ring

July 19th, 2015

Living in a place that is very sparsely populated three seasons out of four makes it easy to feel connected to the beauty of nature. I stop to appreciate the sunrise and sunset, inspired and comforted by the colors, clouds, and reflections that inspire the most amazing artistic creations.

In a sparsely populated area, there are fewer human disruptions and the pace of nature prevails. That pace is such a contrast from what most of our lives have become. AND that contrast becomes amplified in the summer when the crowds of humans descend like bees.

They buzz around with activity and stuff, intent on some mission. Some show up and just sit facing the water. They usually arrive early, before the crowds descend, or at the end of the day, when they leave. Others bring their cell phones and myriad other things that distract them from the natural magnificence of the backdrop.

In the meantime, the tides move at their natural pace, clouds roll in and out, and all sorts of fascinating treasures are deposited on the sand. This beautiful backdrop to all the human buzzing serves as a mirror for each of us to see who we have become and the way we choose to live.

Nature teaches patience. Whatever happens, happens in its own time, not some contrived, rushed, overburdened pace. However long it takes for the sun to set is just how long it takes. However long it takes for the rains to stop is the same. No judgment, no meaning. It just is what it is.

AND in the context of really experiencing what is, we can discover the ability to release attachment to how we want things to be. We can discover the freedom of carrying nothing—emotionally, physically, and mentally. Joy and peace can prevail, if we do not get in the way. Will we choose to let freedom ring?

AND when we intentionally choose to live in ways that align with the pace of nature, we connect with the heartbeat of life itself, and our own heart. Whatever happens, happens in the moment. AND we are free to experience the gift, if we will clear out the distractions is our lives.

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