AND Appreciate the Context

July 12th, 2015

I was walking the beach last weekend and came upon what seemed to be a father and son, an adult and child. To their right, on a dry spot on the beach sat two reasonably large toy vehicles and two remote controls.

What thrilled me was that the technology was just sitting there, while the two were skipping rocks. I stopped to watch as the young boy seemed to be learning how to make the rocks skip across the water.

The adult would skip the rock and the child would then search for the rock in the waves and try to return it. The reminder that the shore has many gifts to offer, if we stop to look, put a smile on my face. Such a sharp contrast from the need to bring technological toys to entertain oneself!

The ability to show up in life, open as the sand, ready to receive whatever the tides deposit, supports freedom to create and appreciate whatever presents itself. The beauty of a simple life, unencumbered by attachment to things, is a doorway to peace and joy because everything is a gift. AND showing up in a context with nothing more than a desire to appreciate what it has to offer, keeps us open and appreciative, instead of disappointed and judgmental.

On my return, the two were playing with the cars. I am not sure how long that lasted. What sticks with me is the ease and lightness both adult and child displayed when skipping rocks.

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