AND Smile Now

June 7th, 2015

When I was little, my father used to tell me how it made no sense to him why people get angry with others, themselves, or a situation in the moment only to find the humor weeks or months later. Why not see the humor immediately? That wonderful insight has always stayed with me.

We often need time and distance from people or situations to step back and recognize how much emotional energy we waste trying to control them. We hold others to expectations we have of them and then react emotionally when they don’t live up to our requirements. We replay conversations and fears over and over in our heads long after they have happened or well in advance of their happening (if they happen at all).

I wonder what it would take to be kind now, open now, accepting now? How much emotional energy might we save by stepping back, examining the context, and consciously choosing where we will invest our precious energy? We can create kinder interactions in every walk of life if we choose where to invest our energy and where to withdraw it, without any attachment to how others respond. And we can be much gentler with ourselves and others, when we put the critic in our heads to bed and replace it with curiosity about what life brings.

Our own sense of peace and joy in being is within our control. Very little else really is. Imagine how different life could be if we chose to smile now?

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