AND Also Appreciate the Lack

June 14th, 2015

After many days of brilliant sunshine, the skis turned grey. Some gentle rains fell against the windows and on the roof. As much as I love the gorgeous blue skies and wispy clouds that gather against their beautiful backdrop, there is something magical about the grey skies, too.

I suppose, if I lived where it rained almost continually, I might not experience the grey skies the same way, although I don’t really know because that is not my experience. What I love about the grey skies is a kind of reflective quiet that seems to come with the pall that comes over everything.

The grey skies, with their lack of vibrant color, are quieting. There is more of a nuanced mood that invites appreciation of those things that don’t jump out at us everyday. How often do we miss the subtleties of an environment, a conversation, or our lives, in general? Ferreting out the gift in the grey requires full presence and attention. The sounds of the accompanying rains can be most comforting, if, as was my experience, the parched lands needed the rain and its lyrical presence seem to dance on surfaces below.

The grey invites more quiet, more internal focus. It seems to foster a deeper awareness of many overlooked gifts in our lives. Like the vacationers who find treasures in simple stones found along the shore and yet would never notice the same gift on a busy street in a busy life, we are invited to fully experience whatever nature brings for the gift it is in the moment and context where it show itself.

How much more joyful our lives would be if we would celebrate the gift of vibrancy AND the lack of it! What would change if we chose to notice and celebrate the small gestures and nuances in our daily lives, as well as the grand gestures? Grey skies invite us to appreciate the nuance. AND I do.

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