AND Let Beauty Speak

May 31st, 2015

On a sunny and uncharacteristically warm spring day, I slipped out for a walk between clients. The sky seemed immense. A light blue backdrop with fluffy white clouds and what looked like airbrushed wisps of white covered everywhere the eye could see and offered a beauty that enveloped the world below.

It is easy, when walking the beach, to notice the patterns in the sands from tides that were once there and have since ebbed back into the ocean. The footprints crisscrossing the sand mark the paths of travelers I meet or who came before. It is otherwise an expanse of light tan wherever I step.

The air is temperate on my cheeks, almost caressing the humans inhabiting this space at this time. Even the ocean is gentle today, waves landing on the shore, amidst the distant roar of bigger waves.

The sun was warm, as a little bird’s song was carried on the breeze from the neighboring marsh. AND I was struck my how smiles, waves, and nods replaced talk amongst passing walkers and sunbathers. Words seemed so unnecessary and out of place in such a world of sensory beauty.

It was much easier to create the space in my own mind and heart to let the magnificence of beauty speak for itself.

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