AND Honor Thy Mother

May 10th, 2015

Something every human being shares, regardless of culture, geography, age, gender, or any other personally defining characteristic, is that we all have at least one mother. In some cases, our biological mother raised us. In other cases, not. Some of us have chosen to serve as mothers ourselves; some have not. Whatever the circumstances, there is at least one woman in our lives for each of us to honor on Sunday.

Memories of special moments, shared with the woman you call mother, can reappear at any time. I often think of my departed Mom when I shovel snow, an activity we both loved. There are many things I would love to share with Mom today that are not possible, in the physical sense. Yet, I feel a deep reverence for all her sacrifices to raise me and my siblings and a gratitude for all she shared with me. And she lives in my heart always.

The role of mother is not an easy one. Moms often feel for their children, as if it were their own pain or joy. Television created a storyline about the ideal mother that has confused and blinded many women from confidently celebrating their own unique gifts and their children from appreciating the unique woman serving to help them grow into their potential. We have a habit of developing expectations and judging ourselves and others against those standards, in ways that overlook and fail to celebrate what is there rather than complaining about what isn’t.

Perhaps this Sunday can be the beginning of a willingness to be gentle, gracious, and generous with praise for the women who bring children into this world or otherwise help to raise them. Perhaps we can release the old stereotypes and open our hearts to those generous women in our lives who serve to guide, comfort, and teach the next generation life’s lessons.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers alive today, whether in this world or another.

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