AND Find Your Way

May 3rd, 2015

As I was listening to a talk recently, some words jumped out from the speaker and seemed to hang in the air in front of me. The speaker was describing what it had taken in her life to follow a dream she had had for over thirty years. The words that jumped out were find a way.

What these words do is remind us is that the first step to living your dreams is to be absolutely clear about what you want. When some dream, held deeply in your heart just won’t let you go, then the next step is to find a way. However finding a way is only the beginning. More often than not, we become attached to only one way to have the dream we want. That attachment can lead to an intensity and set of expectations that may blind us from recognizing alternative ways.

In that rush to make it happen, we may miss some wonderful cues unique to our own particular path, gifts, and qualities, especially those that would guide us how to use our power to create the result we want in a way that is true for us. The step we may miss is remembering that if there is a way, then there will be many ways. AND the next most critical step is to find your way. Your way will feel true, with less intensity and more joy because it is aligned with your path, rather than causing you to force-fit one that someone else has already taken.

Here is where playing with language can point the way a bit more clearly. If you shift the emphasis from your way to your way, you can become even more adept at discerning subtle cues that guide you in following your heart gracefully and joyfully. Finding your way means staying connected to internal signals, and not outside voices, to direct your journey.

So, find the dream. AND once you find a way, how about investing whatever it takes to find your way? Enjoy!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Loved this – thanks!

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