AND Build Bridges for Peace

May 24th, 2015

As we pause to honor those who have fought for freedom and who continue to do so today, may we also pause to reflect on what it would take for each of us to honor the freedoms of others without imposing our own mandates on the forms those freedoms take.

The veterans of wars have returned to our shores injured in both physical and psychological ways. I wonder sometimes whether the sacrifices made by the few for the many are fully appreciated. Our society is grappling with an escalation in mental disorders, post-traumatic stress looming large among them. Do we really understand the cost of war?

What will it take for us to learn to live peaceably with neighbors? To recognize differences in ways that preserve civility without having to go to battle? Are we prepared to listen more than talk? Whether battles big or small, in our towns and cities or in foreign wars, will we commit to finding ways to build bridges instead of blowing them up?

As we pause to honor those who have fought and are still fighting this Memorial Day, may we also—because it is an and—pause to think about what it will take to live in peace with all of our brothers and sisters around the world.

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