AND Recognize the Real Credentials

April 26th, 2015

While reading an article about a recently departed CEO, I was struck by the description of her credentials, which included how she looked in her brand name shoes and dress. Such a description got me thinking about how media coverage and choice of where to focus attention can impact our sense of what matters.

If you don’t know who you are and what matters to you in life, it is very easy today to believe that things define who you are. These things may be titles, academic degrees, roles played, the kind of home you live in, where that home is located, how cool your clothes and gadgets are, and the like. The focus on acquired credentials tends to blur the truth about the essential nature, gifts, and personal qualities that characterize a person.

In a society where we are challenged to see people beyond the package they appear in, anything that helps us to see beyond the things we use to fit in or impress others would be healthy. How often do we not see another’s kindness beneath insecurities? Or generosity behind limited resources?

There are a lot of amazing people walking this planet. Let’s remember to unwrap the package and look inside to reveal the real credentials of character and heart.

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