AND Nurture the Early Bloom

April 12th, 2015

Spring brings such promise of new growth. The early buds on the trees are a lighter green than the eventual deep green leaves. The first flowers pop up, show their colors, and fade away for the next spectacle of color and form to take center stage. AND the season of early blooms, following the harsh and barren winter, has the potential to awaken dormant gifts in each of us, as well.

As each of us welcomes every new day, we have the opportunity to awaken parts of ourselves that have lain dormant, as we have settled into old patterns of behavior and familiarity. What wants expression in this season of our lives? Is there a desire to play or escape the indoors to feel the warm sunshine? Is there a dream that we can realize, if we are willing to let go of familiarity and sweep away old ways and beliefs that no longer serve us? Is it time to clean away the old in our environments to make way for the fresh and new? Do we feel called to be creative in some way?

Spring offers us the reminder to bloom again, to face the sunshine, and shine in our brightest colors. AND as nature already knows, showing up in our full splendor, full radiance, has nothing to do with anyone else’s response to us. It is all about nurturing parts of ourselves that want to break out, feel light and spacious, and celebrate the possibility of new growth. Helpful ingredients are gentleness, patience, openness to whatever is life-giving, and the courage to let go of the familiar to create the space to nurture the new.

If we think of our life as a garden, what weeds need to be cleared away to make way for the magnificent new growth? AND what fragile new behaviors and dreams need sunshine and nutrients to blossom fully? As the nursery rhyme says …how does your garden grow?

Happy Spring!

One Response to “AND Nurture the Early Bloom”

  1. carolyn says:

    Lovely – thanks for the inspiring words

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