AND Follow the Feeling

March 15th, 2015

I love the way we talk about spring fever. The term itself connotes some kind of disorder. Then again it may signal heat and passion, perhaps a more apt interpretation for a connection to beauty. Whatever we call it, the gift is to notice the impulse to play hooky from adult responsibilities—and follow it.

As I walked the beach, the wind howled. The sand looked like some kind of desert storm. And above it, still piled feet-high, sits the snow. One footbridge to the beach is still so covered in snow as to hide all the stairs. Another has people sinking to their knees in snow to make it to the beach. Yet, the snow prints of determined walkers mark what will emerge again in spring as access points to the sandy beach.

I watched children in winter parkas and ski hats playing in the sand with pails and shovels. The sun was out and the temperature clearly not freezing. It wasn’t exactly a heat wave either. Yet, what mattered was a warmer temperature than we have had and beautiful sun.

People smiled and greeted each other in friendly ways. I met one couple who smiled, greeted me, and asked how I was. I returned the greeting. When I passed them on the way back, they stopped me to say I was making them look back because I was walking faster while whey sauntered, enjoying every ray of sun and wave licking the shore.

That casual shared greeting led to a fun conversation about the demands of a work schedule and the joys of retired life for them. It was a fill up for me. A small gesture of kindness shared, a warm smile, and welcoming greeting remind us all of what is important in life.

No labels or head-games to make us afraid of one another, as we so often view and respond to people we pass. No expectations. Only an openness to connect from the heart. And that openness helps to restore the awareness that we are all one. What we call spring fever may well be a great reminder that the beauty of the moment is not something to be missed, and that feeling joyful is a gift we give ourselves when we choose to follow the feeling.

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