AND Live Your Truth with Love

February 8th, 2015

A theme emerged from several events during the past week. The first was that my Dad celebrated his eighty eighth birthday. The second was a sermon I heard preached on living the good life without fame or wide recognition. The third was a TED talk on keeping secrets.

My Dad is a humble and wise man. He has always known that life is about sharing love and what one has to give with others. It’s not about posting events, taking pictures of food and other sources of documenting a life on the internet, or otherwise striving for the now famous “five minutes of fame” Andy Warhol acknowledged as the ambition of many.

The life well lived is lived from the heart, willing to reject conventional wisdom to appear one way and actually be another. It is lived with beauty, love, and gratitude for life itself and the many treasures deposited in our lives in any given moment. Granted, we may be so attached to how we think life should appear and reveal itself that we are often unable to recognize gifts in our lives when they occur. The wise know to live in the present, open as the shore to whatever treasures the sea deposits, knowing that at any time, they may be washed away.

When we live from such presence and gratitude, there is no room for appearances and pretense. There is only room for the genuine lived experience. And in a world focused on fame and being recognized for something we do, an act performed to great acclaim, sometimes at the expense of others, the ability to live into our truth is often constrained by what we tell ourselves should matter.

And sometimes in order to fit into what we believe is expected of us according to the roles we play in our lives, we get lost and shut down who we know we really are. We keep secret parts of ourselves that we fear might cause others to judge, disapprove of, or otherwise reject us. Sometimes these secrets are so deep we don’t remember the power we have given them in order to feel loved, deemed successful, or otherwise accepted. Several hundred thousand people have been mailing anonymous secrets from their lives on postcards to one man’s home address because he created the venue for them to do so. In a TED talk, he described the range of these secrets and the cost of using so much energy to keep them hidden.

In an unconscious world, hiding some parts of ourselves from complete view is a means of self-protection. It is a part of the roles we choose to play and the way we want to be seen. The danger is that we may confuse this persona with who we really are. Sometimes it means tamping down enthusiasm that we fear may cause others to judge us as bragging, other times hiding an action that society tends to judge harshly. It really doesn’t matter. The issue is separating who we are at our core from child-learned limitations about who we should be.

Maybe we simply haven’t developed the level of consciousness in our society to truly see the beauty and gifts in everyday people living everyday lives in ways that are true to them. That’s why eulogies are usually more flattering than what we acknowledge on a daily basis. Why does it take time and distance for us to adjust our perspective to truly see what is and be grateful for the gift when it comes?


My Dad asked me this question as a child. AND I have been guided by his words ever since. See the beauty now. It creates a beautiful inner gratitude and saves a lot of energy.

One Response to “AND Live Your Truth with Love”

  1. Carol Hurley says:

    Amen, Lou….great thoughts…I loved it!

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