AND Look Up

January 18th, 2015

I was on my way to work last week. The air was clear and crisp. As I looked up, I stopped in my tracks. A beautiful pink and blue sky filled all the space above my head. A half-moon was beginning to fade, leaving a white silhouette against this gorgeous backdrop. AND I stopped to appreciate the beauty.

Against the outline of dark pines in the distance, this morning sky greeted me. In the moment of pausing to appreciate the spectacular colors filling the sky, I was filled with peace and gratitude. AND I was reminded, yet again, of the beauty in our world. All that was going on in the news would have never predicted such beauty. AND still, here it was.

A brief pause in the moment brought such nourishment. It filled me with joy. AND it reminded me in a very powerful way that joy is found in moments of being fully present and connected to that state of being. Many opportunities await us. We only need to pause our crazy pace, even when we tell ourselves we don’t have time, to make the space in our lives for beauty. Beauty connects us to who we really are and what life is really about.

I remember reading years ago that Japanese gardens, because of limited space on the ground, are often designed to include taller trees and plants to cause one to experience more space by using the muscles in the neck to look up. Perhaps there is a reminder in there for all of us. When the ground in front of us seems crowded, dark, or filled with brambles over which we might trip, remember to pause to look up. There is another space that we inhabit that is filled with beauty.

AND it offers spectacular displays of beauty at least twice each day. AND often, even more, if we are willing to look up from our busy lives and breathe in the beauty.

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