AND Every Light Matters

January 4th, 2015

I was reading a book on Maya Angelou’s wisdom that I received as a gift. AND what struck me was the willingness of a gifted writer and teacher to accept her calling and stand in her light.

Each of us is invited, and called, to do the same. The circumstances and events in our lives need not be the fabric that defines our lives. Rather, they are more powerfully the context in which, by which, and through which we are invited to shine. They are the backdrop against which our light has the capacity to do its work in the world, if we choose to stand tall in who we are at the core.

There is much good in our lives and in this world. The news and media, in general, seem to focus on devastation and pain. AND while both exist, there are also beauty, laughter, and moments of grace presenting themselves to us every day. The sunrise brings a great light surrounded by majestic colors, whether we choose to watch or not. Even the clouds can serve as a backdrop to filter and nuance the fading sun, as it slips away in the late afternoon. Changing conditions throughout our day offer us new environments in which to show up and shine.

As we begin a new day, a new year, may we choose to shine our light wherever we find ourselves, and may we choose to help others help to do the same. When each of us stands in our light, we know that there is no competition among lights for whose is brighter. There is only the increased brilliance of many lights shining together as one. Sometimes we will be joining our lights with the lights of others. Other times, we will be lighting the way for others to join us.

AND when we all shine, there will no dark corners in which to hide. AND in the process we may come to realize that from every walk of life, in every unique way, every light matters.

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