AND Gratefully Acknowledge the Gift

November 23rd, 2014

With Thanksgiving soon approaching, we are reminded to pause the daily pace of our lives to celebrate many gifts. By focusing on the gifts in our lives and thankfulness for them, we are reminded that gratitude is a daily practice.

Only when we consciously choose to appreciate all that is good in our lives do we restore a healthy perspective or more complete picture of what is true. In the same way that the sun is always present, even if hidden from our view, there are gifts present in any circumstances. And we will only give ourselves the gift of gratitude when we create space to find and celebrate those gifts, in whatever forms they present themselves.

However you spend the day, I wish you the opportunity to reflect on the blessings and gifts in your life and to appreciate how they have touched you. I am grateful for all of you who have touched my life in the past and those who continue to grace my life with your presence today. May your day be filled with whatever nourishes your heart and feeds your soul.

Happy Thanksgivin

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