AND Welcome Each New Season

September 7th, 2014

As the end of the summer draws near, early signals of fall begin to appear. At the same time as the warm sun continues to provide summery days, the nights are beginning to get cooler. And a few of the trees have hints of the colors that will appear in the next several weeks.

I love watching nature transition from one season to another. No resistance. More of a dance between the outgoing and incoming. As the scales gently tip from more heat to more cooler, crisper air, one season ebbs as another flows.

I find myself wondering what stops us from doing the same. As we move into different seasons of our lives, how might we learn to release rather than hold on, to remain open to what is beginning to announce itself in our lives, seeing only opportunities to grow into whatever is next?

In much the same way as people rush to capture each last day of beach weather before the cooler New England season takes over, we are invited to celebrate and bask in whatever is finishing in our lives without trying to hold on long after the cycle is complete.

Each season, each new relationship, each new experience invites fresh eyes, a beginner’s mind to fully embrace the beauty. To do so means to stop comparing what is to what was in order to embrace what might be. No expectations. Only openness.

Like the sand that simply receives whatever the gifts the seas may deposit, equally welcoming seaweed and beautiful shells, we are invited to receive what awaits us with open arms. AND when we do, each season becomes nothing more than an opportunity and invitation to experience new growth—naturally and with ease.

Enjoy the last days of summer AND advent of fall.

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