AND Watch for the Shadow

September 28th, 2014

It was raining when I started to walk the beach. A few steps in, I found a beautiful shell. It was a simple and common variety, small and perfect. What struck me was the pattern of alternating rings of pure white and grey, light and shadow.

A bit later into my walk, the sun began to filter through the clouds, never fully appearing, yet clearly present. How did I know? Because, as I returned home, my shadow preceded me in the sand. AND I was struck again by the theme of light and shadow.

I like to believe that we all have a perfectly beautiful essence, a core of pure light. Like the sun, which is always in the sky, sometimes our light is covered by clouds that either filter or block our light.

When we stand in the truth of our highest selves, it is as if we stand beneath the sun at high noon. At high noon, if we stand directly in the light—both metaphorically and physically—we cast no shadow. Our light shines clear. If the sun moves and we don’t or we move and the sun doesn’t, we cast a shadow. The length and shape of the shadow are only signals of how far we are from the light.

Like the beautiful little shell, we are rings of light and shadow. Other people often bring out one or the other in us. AND we get to choose which one we will activate, since we get to control how we respond to whatever shows up in our lives.

What struck me today was the awareness that when we walk towards the light (sun), the shadow follows or is behind us. When we walk away from the light, the shadow leads; it is in front. What a perfect reminder that the conscious choice to shine our light and bring our light to all we encounter in life means moving towards light consciously.

Should we find the shadow in front of us, it is a good reminder that we are unconsciously stuck in qualities that cloud out our light, usually attachments to fears, doubts, worries, and illusions about needing to control our worlds. Instead of running under a hole like the ground hog who sees his shadow, we can recognize the shadow we see as a signal that we will need to change course in order to stand in our light. So watch for the shadow and move toward the light.

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