AND Treasure What Is

September 14th, 2014

As summer comes to an end, the beach continues to fill with beachgoers trying to prolong the summer. The weather has been cooperating, as the warmest days of the summer arrive to provide ample impetus to get into the water.

A double rainbow graced the skies last night, along with shows of lightning storms out to sea. People remained on the beach, despite rain and distant lightening. I watched as cars raced to the beach in the early evening with the hope of catching the rainbow. It lasted long enough for all to park their cars and arrive to take their pictures.

Today three women scavenged the beach with a bucket and bag, pulling something out of the meager seaweed the ocean had deposited with the last high tide. I watched as one added a seagull feather to her treasures AND smiled to realize that the discarded wing could serve as a treasure.

It’s easy and sometimes fun to make up stories about what prompts people to behave as they do. Are the gatherers artists who work with found objects? Or just appreciators of nature or feathers? It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that we stop to treasure whatever gifts in life we encounter. Sometimes it is a simple smile, other times someone holding a door because our hands are full. Acts of kindness occur all the time. Nature’s show is always running and free for those present to appreciate the offering. Rather than focusing on preserving the past or anticipating the future, how much more fulfilling and joyful might life be if we choose to treasure what is?

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