AND Stop to Recognize the Gift

August 24th, 2014

A wonderful woman came to the beach this week. She had not been on this particular beach for almost sixty years. And all she wanted was to put her toes in the ocean. The walk through the sand to get to the water can be a considerable distance. She waited for high tide.

As her cane would not be steady enough to get through the sand, she used a walker with tennis balls on the bottom of each of the legs to maneuver in the sand. AND I looked out the window to see her walking along the beach with her toes in the water.

What also happened was that walkers and runners, who would normally pass by, stopped to visit with our wonder visitor. They told her how inspired they were by her determination to get to the water, even if it meant a walker and slower steps. Some told her that she had awakened in them the awareness that they too, want to stay active and do things that they love when they reach their eighties and nineties.

Because one woman connected with her joy, and not her limitations, many others stopped to notice. AND they all benefitted, admiring another’s gift, because they stopped when their heart was touched by something they had not expected.

The humanity of connection and truly seeing the gifts that people are and bring requires only that we stay awake to notice. AND that we be willing to disrupt our busy schedules and activities to allow our hearts to be filled by the simple gifts that surround us.

One Response to “AND Stop to Recognize the Gift”

  1. Anonymous says:

    …and you’ve touched my heart again. Thanks for sharing and remind us how much our shining and joy can inspire others. A big hug

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