AND Open to Fill Up

August 3rd, 2014

I was planning to clean the house this morning. The forecast is for showers later in the day. The early morning sun beckoned and the tide was out. Soooo…out I went. AND in the quiet of the early morning, the only sounds were winds against my ears. The air was initially cool. Many people walked or ran on the beach with almost no audible presence.

AND as I walked, I found, carved in the smooth sand over an expanse of maybe twenty feet, a message. It began with the name of the beach and the year 2014 carved under it. A few feet away in very big letters the words thank you appeared. And only a short distance later two large hearts. A message from the sender to no one in particular expressing gratitude served as a wonderful fill up for me.

Open to beauty and kindness while not expecting anything in particular are the two conditions for discovering amazing gifts all around us. Having an expectation often limits our ability to receive with love and gratitude whatever comes our way. Openness creates a space to receive, a sense of freedom and gratitude in and of itself, making it easier to be aware of what occurs in the moment. Someone else’s expression of gratitude touched an openness in my heart and that message created a connection for me with both the sender, who also appreciated the beach, and the beach itself.

So often today when presented with an opportunity to lean towards beauty and appreciation or struggle and tragedy, we often choose the latter. We find all sorts of excuses for why we, because of our life conditions, cannot experience the lightness and joy that some others find. If you look closely, there are always moments of beauty and kindness present, even in times of great pain. A six-year old boy with an inoperable brain tumor asks for cards for his birthday and receives over a hundred thousand responses from around the world. One child’s wish opens others to fill up with love and the desire to respond with love and generosity.

AND the best thing of all is that no searching is required, no expectation served. The fill up occurs because we are open. AND the opening creates space to fill up with all that is good in this world. Not bad, huh?

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