AND Just Plain Fun

August 10th, 2014

I was walking the beach towards the end of the day. A little girl around three or four years old ran into the water apparently all by herself. As she got in a few feet, I noticed her put her arms out, stop, and call out to someone.

At that moment, a man was eyeing a great wave he was about to dive into. He looked back at the little girl. And then back—longingly—at the wave. In an instant, he turned away from the wave and ran back, to the delight of the little girl. It was so much fun to watch both of their expressions and imagine the stories in each one’s head.

Shortly after encountering these two, I noticed a woman on the shore. She held a camera and was beckoning to a child in the water. Waving her arms and directing the child towards her, she stood in the sand. Like the man in the previous story, there was a child of maybe nine or ten years old playing in the waves. A great one was approaching. Like the man, he turned to face the wave. He then looked back at the woman on the shore.

The difference in this story is that the boy turned back to the waves and continued to play, denying the woman on the shore her request. AND it was such fun to watch the reactions and imagine the stories. Here were two similar scenarios with two different outcomes. Then again, maybe not.

Maybe the outcomes hide the real story. In both stories, although the responses appeared quite different, the child went after what she and he wanted and stayed with it. In the first case, an adult chose to give a child his attention and love. In the second case, a child stayed with the wave that brought more joy.

Sometimes life offers lessons and the instructions are not in the box. We get to make up our own stories about what it’s all about. AND that’s just plain fun.

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